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The 4H sixth form consortium is a partnership between four successful schools in the north of the London Borough of Hillingdon: Haydon School. Queensmead School, Ruislip High School and Vyners School. 4H’s vision is to allow students to have as much choice as possible when choosing their courses for post-16 education. Aside from each school’s own curriculum, 4H’s partnership gives students the opportunity to select from an even greater range of subjects across the four schools. Each of the schools in the consortium has excellent arrangements in place to guide students in making their choices as well as excellent facilities. All schools provide students with advice and help them select the most appropriate subject combination. It is also a great opportunity for students to learn at another school with different teachers, facilities and other students. 4H allows students to remain at the school they attended for Year 11, with the flexibility of selecting one of their Level 3 courses at one of the other 3 schools. There is a broad range of vocational courses and A Levels available.


Students are able to take two or three subjects at their home centre and one subject at one of the consortium’s host centres. The benefits for students are as follows:

  • There is an increase in the number of subjects that they can choose from the consortium option grid;
  • There is an increase in subject combinations which reduces clashes;
  • There is an opportunity to learn with sixth form students from other schools.

Please click on the Curriculum tab to find out more details. Students who are part of the 4H Consortium should be organised, independent students, who are passionate about the subjects they are studying. To find out more information or to ask any questions feel free to contact one of the schools.

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