The 4H sixth form consortium courses for 16-19 year olds are open to all students, at all levels, with the necessary entry requirements. These vary according to the courses chosen at each centre.

The consortium itself does not enrol students. Students have to meet the entry criteria published of the school they apply to and there must be a place available. The admissions policy is available on each centre’s website and there are links through the 4H website.

Students who are in Year 11 in a 4H school – Haydon, Queensmead, Ruislip High and Vyners - can apply through their school for a place in their own school’s sixth form and will normally be awarded a place prior to places becoming available to students from outside those centres.

If an applicant is refused admission to one individual centre or knows that s/he cannot meet the admissions criteria, the 4H consortium co-ordinator will advise him/her, upon request, about the best alternative centre within the consortium given the courses the applicant has chosen. The applicant would then apply to that centre and meet the admissions criteria set.

Appeals against non-admission to a particular centre must be made to that centre, following that centre’s appeals procedure. Appeals should not be made to the 4H consortium.

Admission to a consortium course

A student in a 4H centre (home) can access one other course at another consortium centre (host) providing the following criteria are met:

  • the student has already enrolled in one of the 4H schools – Haydon, Queensmead, Ruislip High and Vyners - as their ‘home’ centre;
  • the student meets the entry criteria set for the desired course as the ‘host’ centre;
  • the student applies through his/her Head of Sixth Form in good time and the Head of Sixth Form applies to the 4H co-ordinator using published procedure;
  • there is space available on that course.

There is no appeal process for students not being accepted on a 4H course.

If a student goes off roll at their home centre, he/she will automatically be withdrawn from his/her consortium course at the host centre.

Places are held on each course for consortium schools (one per school). If students are offered a conditional place to study a course at a ‘host’ centre, they are expected to attend part of the induction day in the summer term and enrol in August following GCSE results.

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