Dress Code




  • Smart shirt
  • Smart suit style trousers/suit
  • Smart shoes (no canvas shoe, plimsolls, rubber soled shoes, or any other shoe not deemed appropriate for business dress)


  • Smart suit style trousers, skirt or dress (must be at least knee length)
  • Smart tops with minimum of cap sleeves – must not reveal straps, midriff or the décolletage.
  • Smart shoes (no canvas shoe, plimsolls, rubber soled shoes, Ugg style boots, or any other shoe not deemed appropriate for business dress)

Not permitted

  • Denim (not any colour of denim in any form of clothing)
  • Hats
  • Trainers
  • Logos
  • Sports wear
  • Shorts



  • Shirt with collar and tie
  • Tailored trousers
  • Smart leather or leather effect shoes
  • Suit or smart jacket (optional)
  • Jumper or cardigan (optional)


  • Tailored trousers (without studs), skirt or dress (minimum knee length)
  • Blouse, Shirt or Smart Formal top (no graphics - logos must be able to be covered by palm)
  • Smart leather or leather effect shoes
  • Suit or smart jacket (optional)
  • Jumper or cardigan (optional)


  • No polo shirts
  • No t-shirts
  • No strapless tops or vest tops
  • No graphics
  • No hoodies
  • No denim, jeans or studs on trousers
  • No trousers or skirts made from stretchy material
  • No facial piercings or visible tattoos
  • Natural shades of dyed hair only
  • No trainers, canvas shoes or flip flops
  • No knee high boots should be worn over trousers
  • No lycra

Ruislip High

Students may dress casually but should always be dressed appropriately for school. It is hoped that common sense will prevail but if it does not, the Head of Sixth Form will decide whether or not something is appropriate.

Not permitted

  • Items of clothing with offensive slogans (Head of Sixth Form to decide if something is offensive)
  • Ripped jeans/clothing
  • Low-cut tops and vest tops (vests may be worn underneath clothing)
  • Tops which reveal midriffs
  • Baggy jeans/leggings that reveal underwear
  • Extremely short/tight skirts or shorts
  • Tracksuit bottoms
  • Beach shoes/clothing (e.g. flip-flops)

Hair, Make-up and Jewellery

Hair, make-up and jewellery must always be appropriate and suitable for school. Once again, if common sense does not prevail, the Head of Sixth Form reserves the right to decide what is acceptable – where possible, prior to drastic changes in appearance, for example hair being dyed an extreme colour, the Head of Sixth Form should be consulted.


Uniform Policy Statement

It is our policy that all 6TH Form students should wear business style clothing when attending school, on their way to and from school or when participating in school-organised events outside normal school hours.

1. Hair Styles

Extremes of hair style are not acceptable. These include unnatural hair dye, shaved heads, Mohicans or shaven patterns or lines. Hair must be one colour and a “grade 3” haircut is the shortest allowed. No lines or shapes are permitted to be shaved into eyebrows. Students failing to follow these guidelines will be kept out of circulation at break time, on a second occasion receive a C4 internal exclusion and subsequent infringements will lead to an external exclusion for gross disobedience.

2. Lost Property

This is located in Student Services. We recommend that all items are clearly labelled as this enables us to notify students when items are in lost property. It is their responsibility to collect items. Items not collected, or not named, will be disposed of every half term.

3. 6th Form / Year 12 and 13 Clothing

6th Form students are role models for younger students and are expected to set an example to the rest of the school through their business-like dress. The intention of the 6th Form dress code is to dress as if they were working in a smart office environment. A 6th former should be able to leave the school site and immediately attend a formal interview without having to change their appearance. A jacket must be worn when walking around the school, as well as for assemblies and other formal occasions.


Preferably a suit or a tailored jacket and plain trousers with a shirt and tie must be worn. If a pullover is worn it must be a V neck and also in a plain colour. Smart shoes must be worn. Jeans (of any colour), skinny trousers, trainers/casual shoes, heavy boots, sweatshirts/polo shirts/t-shirts and denim jackets/‘bomber’ style jackets are not allowed.


Preferably a suit or a plain tailored jacket must be worn, together with a blouse or a plain top and a skirt, tailored trousers or a dress. Smart shoes must be worn. Jeans (of any colour), leggings, trainers/casual shoes, Ugg style boots, biker/chunky books, sweatshirts, t-shirts, sleeveless/strappy tops and denim/’bomber’ style jackets are not allowed. Skirts should be worn no shorter than just above the knee. Skirts/dresses should not be too figure hugging.

Outdoor coats - These should be plain with no designs or logos. Outdoor coats must be removed in the school buildings.

All students:

  • Hooded tops are not to be worn, with the exception of official school PE / performing arts clothing.
  • Facial piercings are not allowed (other than in ears).
  • Practical lessons – students may need to bring in appropriate clothing to change into for that lesson.

Any 6th Form student who breaches the school dress code can expect to be sent home to change.

House Colours

Cheshire = Gold

Fry = Blue

Gell = White

Huxley = Purple

John Miles = Green

Windsor = Yellow

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