Student Quotes

Haydon School

Jae studies English Literature and Media Studies at Vyners School and Geography at Haydon School.

“The A Level subjects I am studying are English Literature, Media Studies and Geography. This would not have been possible without the consortium because at Vyners, English and Geography were in the same block and therefore clashed, meaning I could not take those subjects together at vyners , so I needed another option which the consortium provided me with. It allowed me to take English and Media at Vyners while taking Geography at Haydon. At first, I was a bit nervous about studying one subject at a different school but after attending my first few lessons, I quickly started to develop friendships and on top of that, the teachers are also very good there. At the end of the day, you should choose the subjects that you are going to thrive in and if they clash, the consortium is a great way to still do the subjects you want to do. I would strongly recommend the consortium to any student who finds themselves in the situation I was in.”

Queensmead School

Danni studies History and Sociology at Queensmead and Biology at Ruislip High.

“The consortium is a wonderful opportunity for students like myself to take a desired subject if they are unable to study it at their own school. I am so grateful to be given this very different option to what most people experience.”

Ruislip High School

Max studies Psychology and Media Studies at Ruislip High School and Product Design at Queensmead School.

"Studying through the 4H Consortium is great as it is a brilliant opportunity to study the subject I'd like and meet other students. I have also joined the Queensmead basketball team!"

Vyners School

James studies Psychology and ICT at Haydon School and German at Vyners School.

“The sacrifice of not being on one site is worth it.”

Sample of student survey results

I feel I am taught well in my host school subject.

My work is thoroughly assessed so that I know how to make progress.

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